Business Concept Creation

Business Creation Process

Creating a new business is a process. A process that goes well beyond the insightful flash that hits you during your morning shower. However, there is no magic 10-step program that will guarantee you a new successful business. The process is highly stochastic (not all business ideas make it) and iterative (based on what you learn as you proceed, you will likely have to modify your thinking and repeat parts of earlier steps).

At Business Concept India, we believe it is valuable to think about the development of a new venture and its growth as a series of tasks, which can be described as,

Task - 1

Discovery -- identifying opportunities and shaping them into business concepts

Task - 2

Feasibility analysis and assessment

Task - 3

Creating your business plan

Task - 4

Financial Structure Design

Task - 5


Task - 6

Business Launch help

While no two companies are exactly alike nor will they likely follow the exact development path, these generic tasks describe most new ventures' evolution. In some cases, a task may be passed through so quickly that one hardly recognizes it as a distinct task. In other cases one could linger in that same task for a significant period of time. Either way, the overall framework provides a view of the road ahead before you take the first step. In this and the next three articles I will discuss the essential elements of each of these six tasks. While the main purpose is to set you on a path that will increase your chances of business success, the series also hopefully will lessen the often overwhelming task of starting a business by breaking it into more achievable pieces